New case cover for Onyx Boox device is available now!

BOOX Folding stand case for 10.3’’ Note and Note Pro is available on Booxshop now! Foldable design enables multi viewing angles, hands-free when read and take notes on Boox. Built-in stylus holder provide a convenient way to place your stylus and never lose it.

How much does it weight?

This new case cover weight 280 g.

a loop on the outside is hardly “a convenient way to place your stylus and never lose it.”
on the outside like that, it holds as well as the clip does, and as the loop and clip get worn over time it becomes very easy for it to fall out if you hold the case at the wrong angle.

I’ve lost several of them this way. This is the feature I like the least about your designs. There should be a loop on the inside of the hinge to hold the stylus, with something above it so that it can’t just slide out the end of the case.

Will forward this request to our relative colleagues to follow up. Meanwhile, we have improved a lot about this feature and the loop hold the stylus tightly. Learn more about the case cover from this video.

I like the BOOX cover I have for my Note Pro (the only one offered with it when I bought it) BUT 2 things I have against it:

  1. The Note Pro has the option for “auto sleep by close cover” - yet when I shut my Boox cover over it, it does not put it to sleep. It is a feature I wish it had.
  2. The case I have is the one where the Note Pro sticks to it with a piece of 2-sided tape provided with it. It holds fine but I can’t stand it up in it unless I go to a horizontal screen setting which is not practical for me. (I also fear removing the Note Pro from the tape so I don’t damage it).

Is there some type of trade-in for the current one?

Thank you.

Dear, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox first. Could you kindly provide a video to illustrate the auto sleep problem to us?