New Max2 use: no found in the PDF manual



A week ago, I got a Max2 via Amazon.
Unfortunately, for my use (I’m a musician) I need to solve two problems that I found in the Max2 use.
!) backlight: I did’nt know taht this device has not a backlighting system. Is there a way to modify at least contrast and luminosity?
2) On/off button: when I put the device on the music stand, the on/off button is pressed and the Max2 goes stand-by. Is there a system to rotate the screen 180° degrees?
Thanks a lot, and excuse my low English (I’m Italian)…

Mauro 58
(Roma - Italy)



  1. No backlight, take to fully read the description. With a so big screen, there is no backlight for the moment. If you use NeoReader2, the default reader, the main menu (button or touch the middle of the screen), a
    sub-menu “Contrast” give two options “Cantrast Level” and “make text bold”.

  2. With the same menu, maybe with the choice “More”, you have the choice “Rotate”.


Hello, Randy,

thanks a lot for your answer.
I read no texts, only music with the Android app ‘MobileSheetsPro’.
I searched carefully in the device, but there is no ‘NeoReader2’…
Thanks again and have a nice day!

Mauro 58


they removed the standard android screen rotation functions, but there is an app available “Rotation Control” that will let you force a screen rotation.


Hello, dlang!

Thanks a lot!
I just downloaded it from PlayStore and now does it work!
Thanks again!

No other way for contrast setting?