New Max2 use: no found in the PDF manual



A week ago, I got a Max2 via Amazon.
Unfortunately, for my use (I’m a musician) I need to solve two problems that I found in the Max2 use.
!) backlight: I did’nt know taht this device has not a backlighting system. Is there a way to modify at least contrast and luminosity?
2) On/off button: when I put the device on the music stand, the on/off button is pressed and the Max2 goes stand-by. Is there a system to rotate the screen 180° degrees?
Thanks a lot, and excuse my low English (I’m Italian)…

Mauro 58
(Roma - Italy)



  1. No backlight, take to fully read the description. With a so big screen, there is no backlight for the moment. If you use NeoReader2, the default reader, the main menu (button or touch the middle of the screen), a
    sub-menu “Contrast” give two options “Cantrast Level” and “make text bold”.

  2. With the same menu, maybe with the choice “More”, you have the choice “Rotate”.


Hello, Randy,

thanks a lot for your answer.
I read no texts, only music with the Android app ‘MobileSheetsPro’.
I searched carefully in the device, but there is no ‘NeoReader2’…
Thanks again and have a nice day!

Mauro 58


they removed the standard android screen rotation functions, but there is an app available “Rotation Control” that will let you force a screen rotation.


Hello, dlang!

Thanks a lot!
I just downloaded it from PlayStore and now does it work!
Thanks again!

No other way for contrast setting?


NeoReader2 is default reader. Just hold touch at the file that you want to open and In “Open with” menu choose Neo Reader.