Normal battery time while reading PDFs? Max2 Pro


Hi again,

Again a very basic question.
Just starting to use my max2 pro with the last update.
The battery goes really quick, this is without WIFI, just reading PDFs, and it doesn’t matter if I’m in power saving or normal mode.
How long is a Max2 Pro supposed to last while reading PDFs without using WIFI or anything extra?
Because I’m starting to suspect that mine could be defective…



As an estimation, right now it’s going down about 10% per hour, which would give me only 10 hours of reading.
That’s very little for a device with a eink screen, right?
What times do you guys get from it?


Hello Carlos, could you kindly check the recent Apps working on your device by clicking the recent App on the status bar? If there is only Neoreader working on your device, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback. Our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.


I will do that, thanks a lot.
Could you tell me a rough estimation of how long the device should be able to last in the best conditions?
Without WIFI and other apps installed?
Just an estimation to understand how far from that it is.


The battery could lasts up to 4 weeks (standby mode).


I last charged my Max a week ago (I misplaced it). I’m on chapter 10 of my second book tonight and am down to 74% (IIRC, it was ~94% when I found it)

I usually get 3-4 books out of a charge.


I use my Max 2 five days a week for 2-3 hours a day to write down measurements and read it then in the office. The battery lasts for minimum two weeks.