Note app, higher density helper lines

Using the Note app on the large screen of the Max2 Pro, the helper line templates could be improved by density. The highest density as for now is 20 lines. To me it would be usable with 30 lines or even more. The same applies to the square pattern.

Speaking of related suggestions, to me the helper lines are too thick, but also they are not even. Some lines are thicker than others. I guess it is optimized for a different resolution so it cannot scale by integers. In my opinion, the helper lines should be as thin as possible, not distracting what I am writing. 1 pixel line in medium grey would probably be perfect.

One simple solution to both problems would be if one could provide custom templates. Perhaps there is a way to do this already?


Hi Johan, thank you for your kind suggestion, I’ll pass it to our R&D team.

I see this is a pretty old suggestion but I want to second this. Even on the smaller Note Pro the highest line density is wider than typical notebook paper. The 16 and 12-line settings are so large as to be absurd.

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Maybe try some other templates?

…or make them yourself…

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Oh, I didn’t know we could load our own templates! That’s perfect, thank you!

Here is also a very interesting source of FREE templates. You will find a wealth of templates you never imagine it exists:

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Some legacy: When I posted the original question there was no support for custom templates. All you had was the embedded ones. And those were far worse than the ones included in recent firmwares. Actually, since those updates, I have been perfectly fine with the default set of templates so I haven’t even added my custom templates.

That said, I see a great value in the templates linked above! I will probably download a few to try out.

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