Note app loses all notes for 2 days

I am extremely happy with my onyx boox note, but it has come at a great price: I am now using the note taking app for 2 weeks and have learned to save it continuously since there is no autosave. I have learned this the hard way as I lost notes because the tablet goes to sleep.

Today was different however: now all of my notes, taken over the last two days (about 10 to 15 pages of notes, saved in several note files) have all reset to their state 2 days ago. I have even moved notes around to other folders and they are now back in their original position. It is as if, even after I save it, the whole thing just evaporated. How is this possible? Do I need to manually make a backup continuously since “saving” is apparently not enough? Can we expect a huge update? If not, and if other apps are not compatible (they are too slow), I cannot recommend this device to anyone anymore.

Hi, I’m really sorry for the trouble. Our R&D team have already known this issue, they’re now working on it, pls be patient.

Would hav been REALLY nice to know about the lack of autosave in the note app. I’ve now lost key notes taken in a high level meeting that cannot be repeated.

It’s on me to save notes…it’s on YOU to make it clear there’s no autosave in a world where that’s a standard feature. Why did you even ship it with such a flaw? At least put it prominently … hell how about ANY instructions on how to use the app? For the price I expect more.

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Dears, we are very sorry about this issue, we will release a new firmware very soon, please try to update the device to the latest firmware later, if the issue persist, please feel free to let me know, we will come up with a solution and help you fix it. Thank you very much.

I agree totally with you - release of these not-cheap devices with seriously flawed software and virtually no instructions is almost incredibly bad - then having to join the ‘not long now for an update’ fiasco for the final insult.
I’m a very experienced computer-user and have luckily, eventually found my way to the Chinese update, unlike many, who with these devices will be totally at the mercy of Onyx after spending a considerable sum of money in good faith.

John B.

Dears, in the updated firmware, the bug of loses notes will be fixed. In general, we first release the Chinese update firmware, then release the oversea version one or two week later. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Lol, I wonder over-which-sea is Europe?

The U.K.! Hurrah! :smiley:

is there a way to subscribe to receive notifications when a new release hits? I normally have wifi disabled on my tablet to save the battery, so auto-updating isn’t going to work.

Dear David, it don’t have this feature at now, but thank you very much for your kind suggestion, we have forward it to our R&D.

Bought a Note2 End 2019 ( actually 2 days ago ) and still no auto save… Just had the issue, very sad :frowning:
As other people says, it’s a very expensive tool and it is not implemented ? Unbelievable.
Maybe I should send it back, as simple as that.
Also if the source code was available ( they HAVE LEGALLY TO make it Opensource because they use it’s a Android core ), global community could change it themself. But they refuse and keep silent. Here is the thread : Install linux or alternate OS? (and GPL2 kernel source!)

I just bought the Boox Note 2 this week. Transferred all my notes from my meetings to it, just to realize that everything has disappeared.

What kind of company makes a note taking device that doesn’t save the notes?

I feel stupid to have spent this much money on such a shitty device. If not fixed in 24 hours I am going to return this device.

Hello, apologize for the inconvenience that has caused. Meanwhile, our relative colleagues are fixing this bug now. Please be patient.

I have a Nova Pro and lost all my annotations for a PDF file. Is there any way to retrieve these?

Wait a little while longer. They’ve been promising a fix since last May.

Have you backup the notes before? If the notes disappear by accident, please kindly submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relevant colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

when I move my Notes folder from Storage to my Dropsync folder, will my synced notes be synced with dropbox?