Note Lite making weird noises


Hello, my reader Note Lite with firmware 2.0.1 is making clicking (or popping) noises when either there is background activity or the screen updates (either partly or fully).
-All the sounds are turned off including touch sounds. I have done a factory reset already but problem is still here. I also got headphone adapter and the popping noise still comes from speakers even when headphones are connected.
-When I turn device on while leaving headphones connected, I can hear a few seconds long high pithed noises from headphones before onyx booting up logo.
-No more warranty left. I am sonsidering of disconnecting the speakers as it gets uncomfortable.


Hi, we are sorry about that. Per our technical personnel, the ‘clicking’ sound is caused when the large capacitance of the display circuit on the main board resonates with the main board. Pls note that this sound is common in each electronic product and we will optimize this problem in the future.