Note pro battery consumption during sleep



I have 1 week old Note pro. My battery consumption during sleep is around 1% per hour which I find quite high. Wifi is off, bluetooth is off, no 3rd party apps, most of apps are frozen, any other apps are turned off via “Multi-tasking switching”.
I tried accubattery app (and that is the only app that is installed through google play store, play store is also disabled) but I don’t get any useful info from it because when I exit sleep mode my battery percentage stay the same for few minutes then after few actions suddenly drops few percentages (at around mentioned 1% per hour of sleep) so accubattery app reads like all of the drop happened with screen on, and that sleep didn’t drain any battery. Anyone experience similar battery drain?

Any suggestions?

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Mine is much less at around 3-5% a day. Install Greenify seems to work well for me.


I’m using battery saver and things look much better, much less battery drain during sleep (drainage similar to yours) and didn’t notice any difference with device performance, since I don’t use wifi, 3rd party apps etc. Battery saver can be turned on from 3-dot menu on battery page in upper right corner. Only downside is that it’s automatically turned off when charging, so I have to turn it back on every time I charge the device or connect it to PC. Would be good if they change that in upcoming update…


Sorry for the late reply here. If this problem still exists, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device. Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.