Note Pro wifi issue - poor signal



new owner of an onyx note pro, I have a problem with the wifi signal. The connection is only made within 20cm of the router. Beyond that the device loses the signal.

Should I request a replacement?




Hi, I think it’s a software problem. My note pro has a poor signal too but no lost The signal.


Please kindly follow theinstruction to update to the latest firmware first. If that problem still exists, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis.



Thanks, but the firmware is already the lastest and the feedback feature doesn’t work.

I have contacted the Onyx international Inc Amazon seller to proceed a replacement.


@claire I also have a weak wifi signal (I have tried different routers) and supposedly I am also on the latest firmware. can you confirm that on the basis of the screenshot below?

If that´s the case, is there anything I can try?



Yes it’s the last firmware.
For information I have received my Note Pro and wifi didn’t work. I have updated the firmware and wifi didn’t work.
I have send the Note pro to guaranty to fix the problem and I will receive it tomorrow. I think for me it’s an hardware issue. It’s the problem will be not fixed I will request a refund and go to the competitor.


my wifi is weak but it does work beyond 20 cm. :slight_smile: I am trying to understand whether this is something they can fix or it is just poor wifi capabilites.
thanks! and good luck!


I just bought the Boox pro. I have the latest firmware, but the wifi disconnects about every 15 minutes.


Hello Jack, please go to Settings/ Power/ Network Inactivity Timeout to make the network never inactivate.