Note taking shortcuts


I need to take a lot of notes on pdfs and often switch from text selection to notes…
Currently the note taking mode is a pain to activate
Here’s a shortcut suggestion:

Double-click on the center of the page (with stylus?)
->note mode activated

(sides often would get ‘double clicks’ otherwise with rapid page turn but center should be fine)

Also on the same topic, every time I enter the note taking mode, I have to retract (|<) the note option bar, otherwise my wrist always touch the page change buttons…
Can you keep in memory the state of the bar, so next time I open note taking the options stay retracted?
(I mean who needs to change pen setting for every single note really?)

Also it would be very handy if note taking mode would stay active on a page when switching back and forth between another tab/document


Hi any feedback on this?
Currently the note mode is really too complicated to activate and target a small button at the very top
While we could activate it anywhere on the page, and near where the user wants to write a note
Why even calling it a “boox note” if the feature is so remotely hidden in a sub-menu…
What I’m suggesting is pretty much zero development effort:

on-stylus-double-click -> switch to note taking
and then just the physical menu button to exit like it’s now
on and off, fast and easy

(if not for everyone please make this an option in the settings)


I would very much love this too. I’m using my Max2 when singing in choir, where it is often needed to take small notes quickly.

Actually, I would suggest note taking to always be active on the Max2 in the document reader. Make it behave just like the Note app.


Another option would be to use the stylus button, currently not assigned to anything in Neoreader
Sorry to post a device from another brand, but see how they seamlessly switch between writing and selection
Please implement this on the pen button, it would save me a ton of time