Notes app in landscape mode

Hi, I am currently learning to konw my Max 3 and just noticed, that the orignal notes app does not support landscape mode? When using the device in landscape mode it would be great to have the notes in landscape mode as well. Also for sketching sometimes landscape mode would be more beneficial. Planned fix in future releases?

Yes, this will be available in the Firmware 2.2.2.

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Hi Claire, great news, happy to read this! Thanks for the info.

I hope you do the same with Boox Note 2. Because with this format, it is difficult to do not this. Lanscape is really important in the note app for this device. I can’t wait !

Just checked the notes app after upgrading to 2.2.2.
Only the starting page supports the landscape mode, but when creating a new page, it still appears in portrait mode ;-(

You can use an Android rotation app. There are many out there, most have ads. I use Rotation Control Pro which is a paid app. Then I add the app into the Navigation Ball menu, so it is easy to select. Unfortunately once I set rotation I have to click the home button many times to get back to where I want to be, since there seems to be no home button or close button once inside of a third-party app.

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Thanks for this tip. Though there may be workarounds like you describe it, I still hope that Onyx will solve such issues in the native software. I think we have paid enough for the devices, to get such basic features as firmware update.

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Has this been updated in the new version? I can’t get it to work. Seems like
basic functionality

May we know your device mode first?

I am note sure what you mean. I am using a Boox Max3, just got it in yesterday. And it has the most updated firmware I believe. When I try and update it…i see the message: “Cannot detect update package”

Hello, you have the latest firmware version with your Max3 now. This feature is still not supported now.