Nova Pro Pinch Zoom Notes


I know that if I open a pdf, I can take notes on it and also zoom in via pinch. However in the notes section I am not able. Is this by design? It would really help artists like me who are using this for casual sketching to pinch zoom while doing so. As mentioned, the hardware is fully capable since it does it with the PDF. I wouldn’t want to have to rely on creating a blank pdf just to be able to use this feature. Any thoughts, help? Thanks in advance.


Pinch to zoom in and out is not available on Note App so far and this feature has been forwarded to our R&D team already. No news about it so far and will keep pushing them work on this must-have feature.


From a technical support assistant.

"Thank you so much for such a high appreciation of ONYX devices.

Sure, we are going to implement this option as soon as possible and are already working on it."