Nova Pro V2.2.1 update ruined my experience

  1. The status bar now disappears when I open ANY app. I want to make it stay like before the update.
  2. My icons are all blacked out when I use Nova Launcher. If I restart the device they look fine for a few minutes but shortly after all turn black.
  3. I can no longer turn on or off the backlight by holding down the button under the Boox logo.
  4. I can no longer access the Note Taking program from outside of the content browser.

This update has absolutely ruined my experience with this device. I can’t and don’t want to use this device anymore after the update. Is there a way to go back to firmware V2.1?

I desperately need help.


Sorry, the firmware cannot be downgraded for now. And there will be a new version that will fix most of the issues described in this group, like the toolbar blocks the notes.

  1. In order to have the status bar showing while in third party apps: Open up the Navigation Ball app from the apps area. For one of the buttons enable the “Full Screen” option. Then when you are in a third party app, press the “Full Screen” button when you want to disable the full screen. Press it again to enable the full screen… However, for some apps, it doesn’t seem possible to disable the full screen. Not sure why. Can be frustrating. However, a double tap on the Navigation Ball will bring you to the Home Screen.

  2. For blacked out icons, try adjusting the Global Contrast function in the status bar. You might also want to try enabling the optimization settings for one of the buttons in the Navigation Ball which you can then use within the app. I found that playing around with the various settings such as enabling or disabling the “Whiten Background” can sometimes make a huge difference.

  3. On my Nova Pro, a long press on the physical back button will turn the light on or off.


To take the status bar, you just need to change the DPI of the app you are using to something android considers it a tablet DPI, around 250, then you can bring back with the button menu the status bar

2- the blacked out icons, are shown when you have the “withen Background” app for some apps, if you untick it, black icons should be normal as always.


When we can expect it?


No exact date about that.