On screen scroll/page turn controls


One of the things I miss from my Kindle Oasis is the convenient buttons to move to next page.
I tried other third-party apps for on screen scroll controls, but they don’t work when I am reading in Kindle app.

Any suggestions?


The new 2.1 FW which will be coming out in the near future has a floating navigation ball app for which you can select up to 5 functions. It might work well for your needs.

If you cannot wait for the international version of the new 2.1 FW, you could always switch over your system language to Chinese, and then download the version which is currently available to Chinese users via the automatic update in settings. After that, you can switch back to English or whatever language you are using on your device and everything should work fine.

That’s what I have done for my Nova Pro. However, I’m holding off on doing that for my Note Pro because I would like to see if there are any significant differences between the Chinese version of the new FW and the international version.


Thank you very much! that’s really helpful, and it does have what I am looking for.
The page prev and page next buttons working with the built-in PDF reader, but not with Kindle app though; will try to see what I need to change to get it to work


Please do not update in that way and wait for the official update.
Some customers who updated to firmware 2.1 in an unnormal way come across some unexpected bugs. Please wait for the final release of official update. DO NOT update in another way. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


Oh, I just did! I don’t think this is any non-normal way for updating, it uses all the built-in to check for update.
Anyhow, is there anyway to rollback? or is it safe to keep it?


Since the Chinese version and the English version have something different, and some bug may happen when you have updated in this way. If you did, just keep it but you may across some bugs later. Let us wait for the official update later.



Do you have idea when the new FW version will be released ?



The latest firmware will be released around May.


Hi Claire,

I’m a little bit confused. Although my native language is English, I can read Chinese. If I had set the system language of my Nova Pro to Chinese instead of English, I would naturally have gotten the 2.1 update as I have the automatic update box checked. I didn’t sideload the update.

Perhaps if Onyx doesn’t want people outside of China to get the Chinese update, it would make more sense to only send such updates to devices which are connecting to the Onyx server from inside China. Otherwise, some people who are outside of China, but using Chinese for their system language might inadvertently get the update.

Sorry for instructing others on how they might get the update in advance. I look forward to the release of the international version to see what differences there are.

Incidentally, I haven’t encountered any bugs yet and I do really like the new firmware. I really appreciate how Onyx is improving their software. I hope they won’t forget about some of their older devices like the Max1. I would love to see some of the new improvements on my Max1.