OneNote sync broken after few notes


After 2-3 notes sync’ed to Onenote, the whole sync breaks and will not sync anymore.

All new notes show “!” and i cannot sync them to the Onenote notebook even by pressing the “!” or from the using the “Synchronize” menu.

I have tried removing the notebook from my Onedrive and letting the Note Pro recreate it, but the issue persists. 2-3 notes get sync’ed and then no more.


Have you enabled the “Turn WiFi automatically to sync Notes” option via Notes App-Setting?


Yes :slight_smile: I have done that.


Does the OneNote sync problem still exists now?


Yes, still same problem. No notes will sync and it shows “!” sign, when i force sync. Completed login to Onenote from the “Accounts” page.


Hello, you are suggested to submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


I already did months ago. Twice. Got no response.