Onyx Boox 10.3" Note with HDMI?

Is it true that Boox Note with HDMI support similar to Boox Max2 is planned to be released? I saw many sites mentioning about this.

Is this a different version of Boox Note called Boox Note “Pro”? Any idea about it’s planned release date?

Dear, the new version “Note” will be released in the end of March, with Type-C, no HDMI. Thank you.

Can we use Type-C to HDMI adapter for this Device? Thanks

You need to increase USB-C functionality if you expect people to purchase future versions!

I think Type-C to HDMI adapters works the other way around: provides HDMI output through the Type-C connector. The HDMI on the Max-2 is HDMI input.
Although technically it would not be impossible to provide HDMI input on a Type-C connector, I doubt a standard Type-C to HDMI adapter would do the trick, even if the device would had this feature. What You would need is a HDMI to Type-C adapter.