Onyx Boox Max 2 battery replacement

My Boox battery charge slow and drain fast these days(no new app installed),and it can only reboot with charger plugged in,probably battery problem.

But I live in Vietnam,so is there any website that sell and ship Max 2 Battery to Vietnam?

Or does Max 2 share the same battery as some other more popular device?I may be able to find a battery if that is the case.

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Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Generally speaking, Onyx Boox does not sell the screen or the battery to customers separately. You are suggested to send the device back to Onyx Boox to fix. We have forwarded your problem to our relative colleagues and they will contact you via email directly later.

I still haven’t receive any email yet,please tell me where can I get Battery for replacement,like I said I live in Vietnam so sending the device to Onyx Boox to get it fix can be troublesome.
But still if that has to be done who can I contact to have my Max 2 sent to you?
And my Max 2 is already over 1 year so it’s out of warranty.

Dear, per our colleagues, we have sent an email to you already. Please kindly check.

They want me to send the Max 2 to Ha Noi(I live in Ho Chi Minh),I don’t trust Vietnamese post office,so I have someone it “fixed” it for me.

Can’t find battery that is thin enough,and as I am in Vietnam,this is what we have done…
It run…fine

Hi Claire,

Sorry for the OT.

My M92 has an easily replaceable battery, just unscrew the rear case screws.
Now the batteries are no longer easily replaceable, and all the models cases do not open easily.
From a Chinese company like Onyx I would have expected more hardware to be “open” and not to do the “planned obsolescence” as the other manufacturers.
It’s not fair to change hardware because I can’t replace the battery (or glass, etc) or it’s too difficult; giving back the product for replacement is very difficult and discouraging the many not “hackers”.
The production model should be that of Fairphone model.
You can also do business by selling open hardware and spare parts.
From this point of view, I liked the previous Onyx better.
I hope Onyx reads this and comes back allowing, at least, easier battery replacement.



I agree with you 100%!

Until Onyx make replacing parts easier I will have to use my FrankenMax

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Hi Oread & Arjava, thank you for your valuable suggestions here. First of all, we would like to clarify that any damages caused by dismantling and repairing without permission from Onyx is beyond the scope of warranty. The e-ink screen is fragile and it may be broken when customers try to dismantle the device to change the battery. Therefore, customers are suggested to send the device back to Onyx Boox to fix.

Battery doesn’t look like it has good quality.
Please use higher quality battery next time.

Hi Arjava,

your Max’s battery looks worse than the one I saw in my M92.

Dear Onyx (and claire),

it is very important to facilitate the replacement at least of batteries, see, for example, what the European parliament recommends (in 2017):

It’s just a business policy decision, an ethical decision, nothing else.



Onyx Boox conducts strict quality control over the raw materials before production. We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues, and they suspect that it may be caused by misuse of the charger or USB cable when charged the device before. BTW, users are suggested to use the 5V 2.4A charger to charge the device for a better battery life. Or the battery was squeezed by other parts of the device during dismantling.

Apologize again for any inconvenience that may cause. Onyx Boox would give serious consideration to selling batteries or other accessories separately to customers. However, as we have discussed before, the e-ink screen is so fragile that it would be broken during dismantling and repairing by customers themselves. What is more, it is not easy to ship the lithium batteries internationally, especially to some countries. Hope you could understand that.

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I used the cable that was included in the box,with a 5v 2A Xiaomi charger.

And please remember that for such an expensive device,Onyx was too cheap to provide a charger in the box.

Applause for the hacky battery !

My max2 is not booting anymore without being in charge with the cable
I assume my battery is dead also, which is surprising after 1 year and something but might be due to wrong charging plug indeed thanks for the tip

@claire whare are the options to get a replacement from Israel ? Post offices are not that great here too I am afraid !

Sorry for the late reply here. Could you kindly submit this Service Request Form and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

Sorry to bring this thread up again, but just stumbled in the annoying stuation of having to replace batteries on my MAX2 as well.

I just wanted to second the suggestion of having replaceable batteries in future Onyx models, just like it happens with cellphones.
So basically one would desire:

  1. a proper battery tray one could easily open to replace the battery, like in cellphones
  2. (optional but much appreciated) adopting some wide-use cellphone battery format - could it be possible at all? So it would be easy to find replacement parts around the world and much less shipping issues.

It would be really a big plus knowing you can easily replace batteries in case of failure, knowing you don’t have to wait days, arrange shipments, and you don’t risk losing your work (when you see it’s starting to act weird, you can quickly change the battery, and not wait it to fully drain off because of the hassle of sending it back).
I really hope this will be possible at some point, especially in the upcoming new wave of exciting color models!

All the best and thanks for the attention