Onyx Boox Max 2 experience


I have been using Box Max 2 for nearly a month and wanted to share my setup, so others may find it useful. If other have comments / suggestions, please share.

  1. I use native notes app for note taking. It works great. I have couple of feature requests.
    a) Note app should allow easy way to switch from notes to any other app (say browser or reader) without quitting the app and going to the home screen each time. Can Onyx provide app switcher icon in the note app? Or even better would be to make one of the physical buttons behave as app switcher with a long-press.
    b) A second feature I wish note app contain is bookmarking. I wish note app allows creating bookmarks with titles (which will show up as pdf bookmarks when the notes are exported).
    c) This is simply a comment on the new hand-writing recognition feature. This seems to work reasonably well but takes a long time to convert to text the first time.

  2. Pdf reading, annotations, and exports. I posted a separate post on this. To summarize I use ES file browser to access Google drive. I configure it to open pdf files using xodo pdf. This is far from perfect due to pen lag with xodo.

  3. Browser. I use browser a lot and use it for email. I have also added and enabled google voice so I can search and browse the web using voice. I often find myself switching between browser and note taking apps. I wish Boox allows split screen to run two apps at one time so I can browse and take notes at the same time.

  4. I use a text-to-voice app called @voice which works nicely with WriterPlus, Microsoft word and browser when used with headphones. Native speaker has very low volume.

  5. Physical keyboards and mouse. I use a bluetooth keyboard a lot while writing (and also sometimes while browsing). Mouse also works but because of the lag, I tend to use touch which is an acceptable alternative.

  6. Landsacpe. I use rotation control app to use the device in landscape.

  7. Remote desktop: I use microsoft remote desktop app and also Jump desktop to remotely access computers. This is my preferred method of using the Max 2 as a monitor instead of a hdmi connection because I can move around easily. Both apps work quiet well. Mouse lag is annoying in both apps (like pen lag in xodo pdf or onenote) but touch works just fine. Using remote desktop, I can do more complex tasks on other computers. While this is not as smooth as working with a lcd monitor but with practice, this setup is good for several tasks I do.

  8. Neo reader also looks like a very good app but because of limitations mentions in 2 and a different post, I do not use it much. Unfortunately this app does not directly edit cloud files or save pdf files to their original location. Like the note app, switching to other apps requires multiple steps. Bookmarks do not have titles.

Overall Onyx Boox is a great device. I can get a lot done without straining my eye.

Neoreader Bug Opening from External Apps
Neoreader Bug Opening from External Apps

App tabs to quickly switch apps and split screen would make it much easier to edit documents. Rotation control should be implimented asap. An on/off switch for the android keyboard would help. If the Max 2 had these features it would then be perfect for writers.


I completely agree with spectralis. Top status bar should allow a way to turn off software key board and rotation control.

While I am working on a document using bluetooth keyboard, significant screen is wasted by software keyboard which is not used. On the virtual keyboard next to the space bar, there is a on off button but this is not very convinient since touching the screen brings the keyboard back.