Onyx Boox MAX 3 - Factory Reset Instructions?



I received my Boox MAX 3 yesterday, and while trying to sign in Google Play was asked to encrypt the device. Once the device was restarted, it is stuck in a boot loop.

What are the instructions for factory-resetting the Boox MAX 3? I tried to follow the guide at http://www.boox.com/support/faq/, but this device doesn’t have a back button. Various combinations of the home and power button don’t seem to have worked either.

Thanks for your help!


Please feel free to follow the instruction you have listed to do a factory reset since the “home” button on the device is the “back” button.


Thank you for the clarification. Would you please provide a little more detail?

Switch off the device firstly, and then long press “back + power” buttons at the same time , enter into recovery mode. Now choose “wipe data factory reset – yes, delete all user data - reboot” to restore factory default. This will delete the personal data (such as reading history, applications, some personal setting) but won’t delete files in storage.

This process is not working for me. When I hold those buttons, it goes to the ONYX screen, followed by the boot up screen.


Please help me with these details:

  • Should the device be connected to power, or not?

  • When holding “back + home” buttons at the same time, how long should they be held? when should they be released?

  • What color is the led during this time, does it turn on/off?


I have the same exact situation.
I cannot switch it off!!!

Pressing Back + power does a hard reset, but i never get the recovery more. How do i get there?

The tablet is completely unusable now and i really need help here!


The support team says the Max 3 has no factory default support.
How incredible is that? I cannot believe that such a simple function is not implemented in the “first world android 9 e-ink reader”. I find it terrible and disappointing!

@jnjitkoff - Did you solve it?
@claire - how about offering proper support?


I have the same exact situation. I’m stuck at the Onyx logo.
@jnjitkoff @rokeno - Did you solve it?


@claire - Hello? Anybody here?


Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Please kindly submit this Service Request Form and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


Hi. Yes i have. The support team from the store i bought it from helped out with this!


Did anyone find a solution on this one? I ran into pretty much the same issue after an encryption. One time I was able to make it to the factory reset page, but then pressed the wrong button and haven’t gotten back in.

Not sure if there’s some weird timing you have to get right. It’s definitely not as simple as “long press back + power”


Per our colleagues, you have fixed this problem. Please kindly update to the latest firmware via Settings/ Firmware Update on your device and it would fix some bugs.