Onyx Boox Max3 (13.3”) is coming out!-The first ereader runs Android 9.0 in the world

The new generation of 13.3" Onyx Boox E-reader will be released in IFA event on 6th, Sept. Meanwhile, we would make a FB Live on 7th, Sept. to unveil this unprecedented latest product and you are warmly welcome to join the live. If anyone raise a question about Onyx Boox Max3 during the live, we will pick some to answer. The lucky guys will get a gift card worth $50 for any product on Booxshop. Limited quantity, first come first serve.

The first ereader runs Android 9.0 in the world, Onyx Boox Max 3, will be released on Saturday. Would you want to learn more about the spec for Max 3? Poll to learn more about the Boox Max3 specification.

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Are you going to scratch off here? Waiting to see the rest of those specs!

Great news, but Will be Android 6 update to 9 in other devices, like Note?

Now that you’ve released the next generation of devices, may you comply with the GPL license for the linux kernel that is used in Android and release the kernel sources for your other devices and give us instructions for unlocking the bootloader so that we can install our own software on our devices?


+1 to unlocking the bootloader and giving us the ability to do more with the device.

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