Onyx Boox Note goes to sleep screen frequently


I bought an Onyx Boox Note a few months ago. From the very first day, It goes to sleep screen while I’m using it. After pressing the power button, It comes to working mode but after 2, 3 seconds again go back to sleep screen. It cannot recover until reboot.
Reboot also very difficult because you have only 2,3 second to press reboot button from the menu before going back to sleep screen.

Anybody has faced this before?


Do you have the Boox case? Are you placing the cover at the back of the table when you encounter this behaviour?


If you got the case for your Boox, try taking it out of the case and set it away from the case. Does the problem persist? If so, your unit is likely defective. If not, understand that the case has magnets that are designed to tell the unit to go to sleep. It is possible that these magnets are working a bit too well. My Boox Note does have a case, and my case does not cause the unit to go to sleep, even when I fold the cover back, but I have heard of it happening to others.


I normally use it folding the cover back.


Thank you for your reply.
Yes I use original boox cover and please let me check removing the cover.


Folding the cover will force the Boox to go in sleep mode because of the magnets. I had noted that when starting using the device myself.