Onyx Note Pro does not connect to my university wifi


So I took my Note Pro to my university for the first time today, and I tried to connect it to the university wifi, and it does not seem to connect. Usually I have to enter my university username and password when I first login with any device (like my phone or iPad or laptop), however, with Note Pro, I was only asked for the password, which after I entered (correctly several times), did nothing. I went to the browser and tried to open a page and it didn’t work.

Is this due to elevated security with my university wifi? In that case, is there anything that can be done?


Please kindly follow the instruction here to connect to the university WiFi.


Thanks a lot. That seemed to work. I still had to enter the Network-SSID which turned out to be just the name of the WiFi that I had to connect. But it worked out at the end.