Onyx Note Pro update / purchase



I have recently ordered an Onyx Note Pro on Amazon. I note that firmware update 2.2.1 does not include Android 9 upgrade as previously announced in the end of Sep 2019. Naturally, I am feeling rather apprehensive about my order now.

Will the Android 6.0 on Onyx Note Pro be upgraded to 9.0 in the near future? If yes, a provisional release date/ window will be appreciated.

Many thanks!!


Hello, we are sorry to inform you that we do not have an exact date for the Android version update. Please be patient.


Hi, I guess what you are saying is that there will be an Android 9.0 update, which is reassuring. However, I never asked you for an “exact” date just an approximate timeframe (like some point in 2020?).

Thanks for your help and understanding.