OnyxBoox Note: Removed cache, no new cache


There seems to be a bug in my Onyx Boox Note or maybe the reader. I’d appericiate it dearly if you could help.
I hastily removed all cache from my device via Settings>System>Data. Regretted it (reasonably enough) and than moved on to try and open other files to get cover images back, which help me to navigate. They won’t come back, as they previously did when I removed my cache last. I further tried the Search for Metadata feature in the Library, which restored them previously tout court, and it won’t respond. It seems like the device refuses to store new cache after the old cache was removed.

Does this have anything to do with what user binchan mentioned in another post?

I’d also appericiate if you could help with the ‘Import Notes’ feature from Neo Reader. It doesn’t work.


Dear, could you kindly tell us your build number? Or could you check update first for your device?


Thank you Claire. Build number is 2018_05_21_20-10_1.8.3_106fcc2.
Does an update require access to the internet? I see there’s a route via Local Storage in my device but I’m guessing that has to do with the specific file, not the process said file initiates.


Dear, following are two ways that you could update the firmware.

  1. Update locally
    Download firmware update.upx from our official website. Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage. Go to Settings –Firmware Update, click the button “Check update”, and follow the instructions to update the device.
  2. Update by OTA
    Users can update the firmware online via OTA (Setting\Firmware Update). Please connect WiFi and search for the update.upx.