Other pens for the boox max 3?


Are there other suitable pens for the boox max 3 available?
The tip of my original pen is already down and i used it for just about 40 h.
I also didn’t find a shop which would send replacement tips to Switzerland. Would someone know where I could order that?


Hello, you could directly order the tips for Max3 from Booxshop.


That’s great, but what if you lose your stylus? They are not listed on the store.


Hey, the stylus pen for Max 3 is also available on Booxshop. Please kindly check.


The Samsung S-Pen (and presumably compatible passive styluses) also work, at least on my Boox Note.


I ordered tips form the Booxshop, but they take some weeks until they are in Switzerland.
So in the mean time I found a EMR pen which works well, it’s the “Noris digital” form STAEDTLER (though the writing experience is not the same much paperlike as with the original pen).
The Noris digital with a price of just 12 CHF is really a cheap pen and I like that it is longer than the original one.
But disadvantages are the following:

  • no eraser on the pen (I use the eraser form the original pen or just change to eraser on the max 3.)
  • drawing with a shallow angle to the screen is not possible (tip is to short)

I assume that all pens with EMR-Technology may work.


I think you should really look at the amount of pressure you apply. I have never ever had to change pen tips, and I have used a lot of tablets and pens. Granted, I only got my Max 3 a couple of days ago, but I have been using it close to 40 h, and the pen looks just fine.


I use the ReMarkable pen on my Note and it’s way better than the original pen the Note came with. I’ve had it for about a year now and haven’t worn out the nib (I still have a bunch more it came with I never used). Kind of pricey, but an amazing quality of life tool if you use the pen often.


The Remarkable pen has a desperate need of an eraser. I simply don’t understand why anyone produces eraser-free WACOM styli anymore. Until then, I am sticking to other pens.