Overheating Nova Plus


Hi, I’m having an issue of overheating with my Nova Plus, firmware 2.1.1.

Using the built-in web browser the device gets very hot, so much that it’s difficult to hold and I am concerned that something might melt or the screen could get damaged. It’s heating up at the bottom in the middle, it also heats there when charging, maybe it’s the battery.

There’s also significant heating when using third party apps, even offline. With WPS office it gets quite hot, with file explorers too when doing simple tasks like copying font files into a folder. In another post on heating (Note) someone recommended Brave browser, because it is very energy efficient, but this one heats it strongly, too, even when reading saved pages offline. (Great tip though, thanks, I’m using this one now on my other devices.) Even small apps like Writer Plus make the device get warm. Reading ePubs on Neo reader works fine, the device just gets a little warm.

I’ve tried closing background apps, freezing apps, using Greenify, many reboots, and a few factory resets, but nothing could really solve the issue.

I would be disappointed if I couldn’t use the Nova for writing without it getting quite hot, that’s mainly why I got it and not a Kindle. The versatility of the Android system is what’s so great about Boox readers, and apart from the heating the Nova Plus is an excellent device (a few minor bugs though, but never mind).

I’m considering sending the device to Boox for fixing, but I’d like to find out whether there are some workarounds or maybe a firmware update or anything else that could solve the issue.

Could you let me know whether that’s a common issue with Nova readers? Does anyone else have similar experiences? Is this more likely a software or hardware issue?

Thanks in advance and kind greetings.


Hello, please kindly submit this Service Request Form with all information needed and our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.


Thanks for your reply, Claire.

I’ve read that Onyx has a good customer care, I’m glad about that now :relieved:.