Oxford Paravia for Note pro

I have got Onyx boox Note pro and I’m looking for a good english-italian dictionary. Can I buy Oxford Paravia Italian dictionary app and extract the dictionary offline and put it in my Note Pro?
From the manual:
“How to install a dictionary:
The device supports dictionary formats of stardict\bgl\mdict. Users can download the dictionary packages online, and then copy to folder “Root Directory\dicts\ ”. Dictionary is available to use after that.”
How can I know if the dictionary is in the correct format and in which folder is it?
I hope in your answer.
Thank you.

Hello, yes, you could download App and use it on Boox device. But it would not be available on the Library. Please kindly choose the dic in Stardic format and you could kindly follow the instruction from here.

Hello Claire, thank you for your reply.
I’d like to use the dictionaries offline. Do you know where I can find Oxford Paravia Italian in strardic format?
I downloaded a lot of dictionaries in stardict and bgl format, I found good dictionaries Eng-eng but not Eng-ita (only simple translation) so I’m looking for Oxford Paravia italian. I don’t want to use an app, I already have reversocontext and wordreference, I’d like to read offline and with dictionary integrated in the reader.
Also I have two very good dictionaries in PBI format (from an old pocketbook), how can I convert them? If I transform change the extention in .zip I’ll find in it a file .dic
Can you help me in some way?