Papago popup translation (and window bug)


I’ve been using this app called PAPAGO for a while on my Note to study korean textbooks.
Very good app for translations and also great text to speech engine, so I recommend it to anyone.
In the Papago app, there’s a button to launch Papago Mini, then any text copied will be translated in a popup.

Now I have a few issues with the screen refresh in Neoreader, as it doesn’t seem to be aware of the popup
Every time the translation popup appears, and after being closed, the screen “ignores” it and doesn’t refresh
So could we please have a better support for popups, or multi windows (like onFocusLost() kind of event?),
to have each window be aware of each other and refresh properly?

See video below for Papago demo and refresh bug
I had to set up the top corners to A2 mode switch, so I have to “force” refresh every time like this otherwise
Papago Demo

Text lookup and google translate integration