Pdf annotations export


Hi @claire,
Many thanks for this! I was about to give up on my Max2 as I couldn’t seamlessly include it into my workflow. Now it is much better.

One issue remains, though: NeoReader seems to save the annotations in a nonstandard format that creates problems with other pdf readers. For example, on Xodo on Windows 10, I can see the annotations, but they appear “flattened” into the file, i.e. do not logically register as annotations that I could e.g. select or edit.

More seriously, the annotations don’t show at all on several Linux readers (which probably all use the same poppler pdf library), e.g. evince. To make the annotations visible there, I need to first run them through ghostscript (gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dDOPDFMARKS -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -dPrinted=false -dPreserveAnnots=false -dPassThroughJPEGImages=true -s
OutputFile=$outputfile $inputfile)

Especially the latter problem might be fixable by checking that the annotations are actually stored in a format that follows standard conventions.

Many thanks again for being so responsive!

All the best,



Dear, please note that you still need to sync the notes you have edited on Neoreader on your Dropbox account manually.


Hi Claire Ty for yours kind replies, but i don’t understand. May you tell us if it’s possible to: open PDF from dropbox (or alternative program) using NeoReader, edit PDF file, and then see the edits and modify on another device? I can’t done it. Ty very much. This is a very important feature for an accademic e-ink device.