PDF Comment Incompatibility Between Nova Pro and Note 2

I own a Note 2 and Nova Pro (with the latest firmware for both as of 1/4/19), and have a strange problem syncing pdfs between them.

I use dropbox and drop sync to synchronize my files from my Nova Pro to my computers (a Mac and PC). Everything here works fine, for the most part. Any comments (underlining, highlighting, etc.) I make to my pdfs on my Nova Pro are saved to the pdfs and readable in applications I use on my computers (Preview for Mac, Adobe for my iPhone and PC). (The only unexpected thing here is that Nova Pro won’t see comments made on my other devices as comments, but as integrated into the pdf; and any alterations to Nova Pro comments from these devices–e.g. deletions) are not synced back to the Nova Pro).

The problem: I also sync my Note 2 to these files, via dropsync. The Note 2 cannot read any comments (by which I mean, again, underlining, highlighting, etc.) that have been made on the Nova Pro. I know that these comments are part of the file, because they will show up on any other device. The Note 2 can’t decipher them.


I would like to test this behavior. Since I have only the Note 2, I would appreciate it, if you could create a test pdf with annotations and highlights with your Nova Pro and send it to me by private message. I will then open it with my smartphone, my notebook and the Note 2 and will compare the results. When I can confirm your issue, I would like to add it to my bugs and issue list for Note 2.

Thanks–how do I private message you?

The system won’t allow me to private message you.

I see. As a dropbox user you should be able to create a file share link. Since the document is just a test document with no sensitive content, it should be okay to link it here in a public comment.

Sure – here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/85ujvgln8aq69by/Spotnitz%20-Amplification%20of%20the%20basic%20theory%20of%20technique.PDF?dl=0

I can confirm your bug and added it to my list. Thank you for providing this example document!

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This feature is not available now, and our relative colleagues are working on this. Apologize again for any inconvenience that has caused.

Any update on this? Also, wondering if noted made in the Nova Pro will show up on the Nova 2. Or is there the same incompatibility?