PDF highlighting


In the native reader app: is there a way to highlight text in pdf-files directly with the pen as it is possible in most other pdf-readers? By choosing something like a highlighter-tool instead of the note taking pen or the eraser?


Hi, currently, our eReaders do not support that kind of function, but I’ll forward it to our R&D team.

Thank you for your support of BOOX.


hi, can you provide some news about it? i’m interested too


Hello, the highlighter tool is available now and you could learn more from this video.


Hi Claire, how can I access this feature on the nova pro, I have checked the video but is not clear how to enable this feature! Regards.


Please try to hold the pen over the area where you want to make highlights first. Then you could kindly follow the instructions in video to make highlights.


thank you, got it working! :wink: