PDF reader - disable the "Nearby Books" page after the last page


After the end of a PDF document, the reader shows a “Nearby Books” screen with an onscreen “Back” button. However on this screen, I can’t use the physical buttons on the device to go back to the last page. Bluetooth page turners also doesn’t work. Is there a way to disable this “Nearby Books” page after the end of a PDF document, and have the reader stay on the last page? I use my max2 for music reading with a Bluetooth foot pedal for turn pages and often would accidentally tap the page turn pedal after the last page, but while playing an instrument, my hands are not free to tap on the on-screen button to go back to the PDF.


Your kind suggestion here is highly appreciated. We will forward this problem to R&D team to follow up and hope this “back” button will work normally soon.


Hi there, lowspin!

I also use my Max 2 Pro with a foot pedal for playing music.

If you’re using the Max2’s built-in PDF reader, I’m assuming you have to first assemble your songs into a single PDF setlist using another device and import it to the Max2. Do I have that right?

Have you tried any music-display apps such as MobileSheets or ForScore?