Pin code screen lock


It seems the Android pin code screen lock is disabled on the Max2. Is there any way to enable it? Would be really useful as I tend to take business confidential notes at work.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t realize there was already a thread about it: Locks and passwords


Hi Johan, thank you very much for your suggestion. Our software team is working on this feature. It will be released soon. Please stay tuned.


When will this feature be released it has been promised for months now?


This function will be release in V1.9.1.This version is in beta testing and will be release soon.
You can set an auto update or follow our facebook / twitter.


Amazing! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


You can preview this function here


Thank you for taking this seriously!


I believe that you said that this was coming out this month. Do you have a time-frame so that we can know more definitively what to expect and when. Does this only lock the device or does it add additional web security as well. Just being able to lock it is good. Will you be adding encryption capabilities to this next update?

Thank you


Dear, we are now testing the new firmware, we will release soon, Thank you very much for your support and patience.


Great news!!
Thanks you very much for handling this request.

I can’t wait for it to be released :smiley:


I thought that the lock and password function was going to be completed this month. Do you have any idea when this function will be released?


New 1.9.1 firmware with pin lock!
Thanks to all the Onyx team!!!


The update should be released in a few days according to this

However, I just got the 1.9.1 update by switching to Chinese then downloading it. It works great and now my screen has a pin.

When you have the update you can set a pin under Settings > Systems > Keyguard Setting.

I took pictures of the English screen before I switched to Chinese (simplified) so that I would know how to navigate. When you get to About > Software Update tap the first option at the bottom. Then it will check and pull up the update. Tap the right button to update.

Another trick to use when in Chinese is to use Google Translate on your phone. You will be able to use the camera to instantly translate.



I just installed the English version, thanks for the update

One very useful tidbit that’s in current Android that it would be good to have is the ability to put some text on the lock screen (your name and phone number in case you loose the device for example)


Yes, very important if it is lost! Name and phone on lock screen, please!


Thank you for your advise.You can add your phone number to the screensaver ,it will be displayed even without pin code.