Pinch to Zoom and move page around by finger during zoom not working


I just upgraded MAX2 to latest version, and was stupid enough to do it without consulting this forum, and did not realize before it was too late that by upgrading I lost Pinch to Zoom, as well as the ability to move page around when it is zoomed. I find that without these features the reader is severely crippled and zoom is completely unusable.

I assume that downgrading to 1.9 would fix this? is there any way to do it? is there any other fix until some new version of the firmware with a fix comes available?


Hello, apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. The pinch to zoom problem has been forwarded to our R&D department to follow up and it would be fixed in the next firmware update. Please be patient.


Any dates for this new update?



Not yet. Please stay tuned.



I have the same problem. I use my BOOX Max2 Pro to display sheet music. It worked much better before the last firmware update. I could easily remove the margins and this configuration stayed from one page to the following. Now I have to turn the page two times before the following page appears.
Another bad surprise: I have a bluetooth page turner (irig Blue turn) which worked perfectly before the update. Now the effect on the BOOX is to zoom in and out instead of turning the pages!!

It would be great if things were as before with the following update!


Thank you for your feedback first. For the pinch to zoom problem, hopefully, this will be fixed in the next firmware update. As for the BT page turner, there may be compatibility issue between the new firmware update and BT page turner. Please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback. FYI, Onyx Boox has launched a BT page turner called Boox Blue which won a Red Dot Award and it will be available soon.