Poll_for _suggestions [all devices]


Suggest whatever your thoughts and make it a poll.

  • Try to summarise your thoughts.
  • Kindly vote if you like any suggestions.
  • Don’t repeat so that we can’t count the suggestion ratio.
  • Please use this topic for poll & vote.
  • Try not to include questions from other topics.

Thanks for participation!

  • We use exclusively note app and neoreader alone. To get optional exclusive OS[battery saving& productive]
  • We use other android apps productively! To stick with current OS[extra perks]

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Would you like a smarter Navigation Ball, like the one described here ?

  • YES

  • NO

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A way to split screen between the default reader and notes (not the internal pdf note taker, but the standalone notes program). Alternatively, a quick toggle to bounce between the reader (page you’re reading) and a note entry.


(* if possible)

  • Opacity tool
  • Air brush tool*
  • Paint brush tool*
  • Transform tool
  • Mirror tool
  • Smudge tool*
  • Charcoal pencil

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  • We want this features [please choose the tools]
  • We don’t really need this anyway

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Would you like a way to select, cut/copy/paste and format text inside text boxes of notes app?

  • Yes, we would find it useful

  • No, we don’t really need this

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Zoom function in note app

  • Yea,
  • Not really

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How do you create these pills ? We need a highlight option for max 3. Need to develop a poll for that. Please help.


Hyperlinking to allow jumping from one note to another.

  • yes
  • no

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It’s under the gear/toothed wheel option in the toolbar when editing your post.