Possible bug(pdf reader image dragging problem)(Boox nova pro)(temporary fix found)


Whenever I try to drag any enlarged images, they keep jumping straight down to the bottom right corner and the screen keeps refreshing. I can’t drag the image up whatever I do.


Dear, could you kindly provide the build number (find out at Settings/ About Device) to us? And could you kindly provide a video to illustrate the problem? Many thanks in advance!


Version: 2019-06-11_16-22_2.1.2_23f6dab

Neo Reader v3.0

https:// drive.google.com/open?id=1NWJolZMpS0tZnLwQ8XywoGaDECt5y7Ut
(remove the space)


I tried factory resetting but the problem is still here.Since this happens after the update, can you please provide the download link to the older version of the firmware to see if I can get it working before your next patch?

Also, is there anyone else having the same problem?


So apparently, if I disable pen, I can drag the image normally


Thank you for your feedback. We have submitted that possible bug to our R&D Department. Could you kindly submit this on Feedback on your device via Settings/ Feedback at the same time for a better and faster diagnosis?