Print from Max2

Max2 is good as a general purpose black & white tablet for word processing and email. But how to install a printer? The supplied email app has a print option and I would also like to be able to print from Google Docs. I’ve spent all afternoon trying to install a Wi-Fi connected printer but can’t find a way to do it. Any suggestions, please?

Dear, the device is not access to connect printer. Our R&D is working on it, I believe the device will have this feature sooner or later. Thank you very much!

tried here with Brother android printer app, worked like a charm.
What’s your brand?

Hi onyx2001, My printers are from HP. The HP printer plug-in requires activation through Settings|Printers but this is absent on the Max2. Tried also with Google cloud printing but ran into the same problem. I found an “app” in the store called Happy-to-print that works but it seems to by-pass the operating system completely. So, I’m relying on Angela’s response, that R&D will add printing support.