Problem with music sheets in landscape


Hello Onyx,

I own a Boox Note for a week now. I like a lot of thinks, despite the bugs and lag that was written here often. But I will keep the device and hope this gets fixed soon.

One specific problem I have that hopefully can get changed:
I want to use this device for digital music sheets. But all my songs are in landscape and every song has it´s own PDF file. So if I open a song i have to go to the menu, press “rotate”, press the right rotate option, and touch to make the menu go away. So thats 4 touches before a can play the song.
Also it´s not comfortable to have the menu of the reader only in portrait mode. Because my reader of course sits in landscape mode on my music stand. So either I have use like that (not nice) or I have to turn it to select the next song and turn it again to look at it. Thats pretty bad.
Everythink could be solved there where a button in the notification bar to select between landscape and portrait mode. We could use that for every app and rotating would be so much quicker and it would be universal to use despite having a different way in each app to do it. Because the reader has not sensor to turn, we NEED a button for it in my opinion.

I tried a app to force landscape and it looked like it worked, but then… PDF doesn´t open while in landscape. It only showes the last opended and doesn´t open the document in the library I click on.

Would be nice to see this fixed, thanks in advance!


You could try to install an app called “Rotation Control”, that could show a icon in notification bar. You could use it to choose portrait/landscape even more.


Thanks for the advice, but if you read the last part of my topic: I already did that. I used a app to force it to landscape, but that problem ist: There is a bug, so you can´t open any PDF while in landscape mode (not in the library, but thats what I need. I need to search for a song and open it then).

Of course I could use a different app to search and open the documents, but normal android apps look just so bad on eink and don´t work well. The library app is perfect for my need, but it doesn´t work in landscape. So it´s even more worst, because I manually need to get back to portrait after the song, than select the next song and than go back to landscape.


Hi, thank you for your kind suggestion. I’ll forward it to our R&D team.


I have the same problem with my landscape music scores as lionking102 on my new BOOX Max2. It would be a big relief if Neo Reader 2.0 would recognize the original orientation of a PDF and display it correctly from the beginning. I lose a lot of time because I have to rotate every sheet of music 90°. I installed the app “Rotation Control” for that reason, but it would be much better if Neo Reader would do its job correctly.