Psa: do not buy onyx products



  • They don’t comply with GPL (and don’t release promised updates).
  • Their software has some serious bugs (no need for proof on that, just use the device regularly).
  • The SDK is waaay OUT of date.
  • We are now forced into Onyx Accounts to sync notes (or you need to manually copy the pdf notes into an MTP exposed folder in order to be able to extract it via pdf).

I don’t understand why you don’t release the source code.
Give us the code so we can fix the problems ourselves and keep releasing your (mostly) decent hardware.
But if you can’t keep up with the software development YOU NEED TO RELEASE THE CODE.
If you don’t, users are left helpless with a buggy product.

I will get rid of this product ASAP.

I won’t comment on the other points you make, but the SDK is pretty up-to-date. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and even made a few small commits recently.