Quality of exported scribbles is very poor


My device is Nova Pro with the latest firmware. When export a PDF file with scribbles, the quality of them becomes very poor. I find the same problem when I open an Embedded file with a desktop reader or any reader except Neoreader. I can’t read my annotations on my laptop. Is there a solution?
Thanks in advance.


i am seeing the same problem here. annotations are invisible on the Linux desktop: I have tried three different PDF apps (Evince, Zathura and XPDF) and none can read the annotations exporter (or embedded) by the software.

The only indication there’s something else in the file comes from Evince, which warns me about this on the console:

** (evince:10514): WARNING **: 20:37:46.961: Unimplemented annotation: POPPLER_ANNOT_POLY_LINE, please post a bug report in Evince issue tracker (https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/issues) with a testcase.

I can however, see the annotations when loading the PDF in a web browser (firefox, specifically) so presumably this might be a client-side bug.

I do agree the annotations do look pixelated, so that isn’t so great…

Annotations with pen with pressure not displayed in Pdf viewer

They are visible for me in Acrobat reader and Google PDF viewer BUT they are pixelated as you mentioned.


Could you kindly provide some pictures about the problem for us?


Here’s a picture of a review I made:

The full PDF is available in the evince bug report.


Let’s move this part of the discussion to that other thread:

… and focus here on the pixelated nature of scribbles.