Question about Google Mobile Services

Why does Onyx not certify the devices with Google Mobile Services (GMS) so that all devices can have a valid play store, play service and play protect?
It would make a big difference for all markets except for the Chinese market and you only need to certify once per model.

Google Mobile Services (GMS) contact form:

Compatibility Test Suite, provided for free by Google:
Compatibility Test Suite Verifier:
Google GMS Test Suite:


I would be interested in feedback from Onzx concerning this as well (in particular for the Boox Note P). It seems weird to have the feature in the updates, but it being unusable and the error message suggesting Iā€™m participating in a license violation. Maybe an open Appstore (FDroid/Amazon) would be a workable alternative, at least that would provide any appstore and not force the installation of apks from disreputable sources.