Ragged right text


With the Amazon Kindle you can select to display the text as either justified, that is, straight margins on the left and right, or ragged right.

Do the Boox ereaders have something like this, or do they always obey the CSS?


Hello, you could adjust the margins as you like in Boox E-readers.


I have a Nova pro now. Just how do you set the right margin to be unjustified, i.e. ‘ragged’, as asked by lumpy?

Or, can neoreader be prevented from inserting hyphens when justifying text in an epub by spacing the text line instead? (It’s just that I am finding the frequent hyphenated words irritating to read.)


Hello Razer, you could set the right margin by popping up the menu option and then go to Format-Reflow-Justification for PDFs instead of Epubs. For hyphens prevention, we have passed this request to our R&D Department to follow up and will keep you updated. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.


Thank you for your response, Claire.