Regal mode on app optimization, what it does?

I fail to see the difference when choosing the refresh mode on the app optimization through the button, not the task bar

  • taskbar display options:
    1- normal mode
    2- speed
    3- A2
    4- X mode

  • APP Optimization
    1- normal mode icon
    2- Regal
    3- A2
    4- X mode

what do regal do?
what’s the difference?
which one is better?

It’s pretty obvious, IMO - speed’s faster (choose this if life’s moving too slow), Regal is slower, pompous (choose this if your a Monarchist).

Yep, I finally manage to find the difference on some apps.

regal is really slow but flush completely the screen giving you an image without any retention of the previous one, while on normal mode you get a bit of ghosting but it is much faster.