Remarks and requests for Onyx Note


I am very pleased with the experience of Onyx Note (speed of response, loading of documents, searching in documents, managing storage, stability). The Neo Reader application behaves amazingly well with the only problem that it does not allow the loading of language tools for the Romanian language and works only with the predefined dictionary application Dict, which can only work with 5 installed dictionaries, and doesn’t recognize very well east-european characters. I would even like to be able to access the NeoReader settings - which are not available on my device - to work with another dictionaries application, to load fonts with Romanian diacritics to install a TTS voice engine in the Romanian language …
Another problem is the imprecision of the Notes application (sometimes and in some areas of the screen, the stylus has a 1-2 mm deviation that distorts writing, making difficult the calligraphy.) Its precision has improved with version 1.9.0 of the software but still not enough for a professional writing.
Also, in the NeoReader application, I would like to be able to access the activities switch button in order to use other applications without having to leave the Neo Reader application.
Overall, the rating for Onyx Notes is good, very good, especially if the upcoming issues will fix the reported problems …


My wishlist for Onyx Note:

  1. Fix the cover, opening the cover all the way so that it is resting on the back of the device has enough magnetic field to put the device back to sleep.

  2. Give the option to turn off the side-button function on the stylus, I am constantly accidentally pressing it and erasing stuff I’m trying to write.

  3. Offer a stylus with more girth (larger diameter) the skinny stylus is uncomfortable to write with for more than a few minutes. The larger girth my resolve my accidental side-button pushing.

  4. Give the user the ability to lasso select notes/scribbles to allow moving around on the note/PDF annotation. Allowing resizing and rotation scribbles this way would be nice, too. Sometimes I’ll want to insert an additional note between already written notes and there is no way to make room or re-organize notes on the page.

  5. Fix the grey-scale in android apps, I often times cannot see important buttons. For example, when I try to export an eBook from the Dropbox app, the save button is completely invisible, I have to just press where I know it must be.

Overall I’m very happy with this device, I’m very pleased that you added left-handed support in the last update. I also really like the dotted line that shows where the last copped page ended This makes it so much easier to not get lost on cropped page flips.


I was a bit harsh about the note-taking application. I have reset the stylus calibration and now it behave better. Only the last row has deviation (about 1.2 cm at the bottom of the page). Maybe they will create a new type of stylus…

I’ve heard of a new version of the software. Does someone know when it will be launched?