Reopening Neoreader as App

Is there a way to launch the neoreader app without having to reopen a book (pdf, epub, etc) from the library or file browser, it is extremely annoying!

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No, I don’t think there is. There’s a thread full of people about to start a riot about this lol.

My theory is that neoreader and the notes app were implemented, not as normal android apps, but system apps - something more similar in how it’s scoped and accessed to the notification shade than to locally installed apps. This explains why it wasn’t automatically just there by default, because the functions trying to search for it couldn’t find it, in the same way they couldn’t tell you that the notification shade is running in the background.

If I’m right, then depending on how neoreader and the notes app are setup, it might be very difficult to change them so they can be sitting around as locally installed apps, and get picked up by the multitasking menu or the app launcher.

If you want to make it easier, the library should give you the option to only show you books that you’ve opened before and sort by most-recently opened, so it becomes very quick to locate the “last opened book”, if that’s what’s making the process annoying. You’ve probably already found that, though.

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