Replace Max3 firmware by PadMu3 firmware


I got the max3 just to realise that padmu released their version a few weeks back. I really hate the firmware and could like to replace it by the padmu one. Can you please help me? It really annoys me as I paid more money for the max3 in October.

Your help would be really appreciated, thanks.

It will never happen. I am sorry for your pain. But this is the reality. Padmu would never release their source code (which is necessary if the community will ever succeed at porting it). It is their entire business, all their blood and sweat. They cannot give it away for free to customers of someone else’s business.

It’s not something onyx can even control even if they wanted to. Padmu could have the firmware check serial numbers before full execution in order to prevent running it on unauthorized devices, among other potential security features. More than likely, onyx and padmu agreed and collaborated to block crossing firmware, onyx to guaruntee a bulk hardware sale, padmu to guaruntee people don’t steal their labour and give the profits to Onyx.

This device will not gather a lot of android hacker enthusiasm either. Little to no progress will ever be made at porting it over.

Thank you for your honest reply. What a pity. This onyx firmware is so poor, appalling really.