Security of Cloud uploads


Hello all,
With the new 2.1.2 firmware, there is the option to have and ONYX account which appears to be on wechat.
This has all sync and push functions.
Is it possible to have this functionality but NOT use WeChat? In earlier firmware versions, backup of Notes went into the cloud, but it was not explained WHERE this was - i think it was just to an Onyx server somewhere (or could have been to a generic WeChat account that is not owned by the user but rather Onyx).

For security issues, I would like to be able to fully control WHERE my files are being uploaded to. I would love for it to be on my own NextCloud server if at all possible.

Could the devs please look at adding this capability?



Hello Dave, thank you for your feedback first. For the Onyx account, you could use your WeChat account, mobile phone, or your email address to sign up. For the sever question, we need to double check with our relative colleagues.


Hi Clare,
So are you saying that the Onxy account is on Onyx servers?
What are the security policies of this server?

Again, preference is to have full backup and push from user selected server (such as OwnCloud and NextCloud) so that sensitive documents are contained.



Hi Claire - any response?


Hello Dave, sorry for the late reply. We have double checked with our relative colleagues that it is stored on Onyx server instead of other severs selected by user. BTW, you could use other third party Apps, such as the Dropbox or OneNote to backup your documents as well. The security policy has not been posted yet in firmware 2.1.2 and Onyx Boox will make it public in the future. :grinning: