Set screensaver to random image in directory

I would very much like to use a random image from a larger set of images as a screensaver instead of only 3 which are manually set. I looked over the Boox sample android app and there is a way to set the screensaver image programmatically. So my current plan is to build an app that sets new screensaver images from 3 randomly picked from a directory each time I unlock the tablet. So before starting that project, I wanted to check if anyone knows if such a thing exists already or if there is easier way to do it?


Hi Jsann

This sounds like a great idea. I have a few nice black and white line drawings which looks excellent on my Boox Note 2. It would be nice if i copy pictures into a folder and have it set as screen saver. Perhaps options for A Default screen saver or all rotating randomly etc. Good luck with this project.

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Was wondering the same. Would love to have an app like this!

Dear, May you please share some picture with me to use it as a screensaver?

Thank you in advance