Several annotations files (txt) for same PDF-document


Hello, after I updated my Boox Note to: 1.9.0 any highlight in a document will create its own annotation.txt (unlike before when all highlights were gathered in one single document). How can I reset this function? This is crucial for me! I work on long PDFs and cannot open several hundred annotation (txt) documents. Any suggestions??


I can’t say how to not generate those files but you can export all the annotations you wan’t to txt from NeoReader.
Open the menu -> TOC (second symbol from the top right) -> Annotations (3rd symbol on the bottom) -> select annotations to export (You can only select all annotations visible in the page displayed so if you have multiple pages worth of annotation you have to go through each one)
See pages 19 of manual for TOC symbol and page 25 for symbols on Annotations page (Note: “Select all” only selects visible)


That worked, thank you. However, since it is a really long document I had to check for several pages. It would definitely make sense to have one selection mode for ALL annotations (i.e. also for the ones not currently visible on the page.)


I have the exact same issue. I synch the folder via dropsync … what is proposed by @prototype is way too much work! How to get back to what used to work?

Note, I know I can run a separate script on my computer to merge all these .txt files together, but I don’t want to have to do this!


By the way, on a mac, command window

cat *.txt > notes.txt

knits all the .txt files in a folder into the ‘notes.txt’ text file.

But I’m not good enough with bash scripting yet to have it do it

  • recursively in each folder
  • adding the folder name as the file name… WIP