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I have been used Boox Note for a while and I want to share my experience with you guys here.

Having been an iPad user since 2015, I found myself reading a lot of academic articles and case studies as part of my university programme. The iPad was good for a while but I noticed a bright light starting to hurt my eyes after I had been doing a lot of reading, which gave me headaches - and made it difficult to study.

I always needed to keep the iPad charged as the battery life would only last a few hours, which was an inconvenience as well. About a year ago I started another course and decided to try the Boox Note instead, to see if it would make any difference - and I would have to say, I’m really impressed!

Not only could I read for several hours without getting eyestrain, but I could also write notes straight onto the articles I was reading, for future reference - which was really useful when it came to writing up my reports. The process for exporting these edited articles back to my computer was simple and effective, and I found myself able to do much more reading and writing as part of my course.

You just need to install an android app onto your computer and connect the Note by USB to transfer PDFs to and from the device. Simple! I could also read for days and days without needing to charge the device, which was really handy as well and did not interrupt my reading patterns.

The Boox Note was so helpful that I even got a distinction for the report I was working on, which was my best mark yet - so the Note really helped. It made a big difference.

As I was reading a lot in transit, it was the best way to store all my reading material for the module for reading ‘on-the-go’ and the stylus pen made it simple to mark the relevant parts of the articles for highlighting. The Note would remember the page I was on and the articles I had read, so it was really easy to start reading again from where I had got to in the article.

I was especially impressed by the underlining feature, as this was really innovative and responsive - just like writing on paper!

If you make a mistake, you can erase your mistake with the other end of the stylus, which is in many way, even better than writing with a pen!

Reading the articles on the Boox Note is just like reading them on paper too - there’s no bright light to hurt my eyes, so I can read for longer.

The Note itself is really light so I could take it to bed or read it on the train really easily - it’s not very heavy either, much lighter than the iPad, only 325 grams.

The Note solved another problem too! I always had difficulty lifting heavy books or printed paper - my hands would get tired, when trying to hold them.

They were always really heavy to carry and awkward to read in bed too - so the Note is not only stylish but ergonomically designed as well.

The size of the screen is really generous at 10.3 inches - and I could easily switch between using the stylus pen for writing, or my fingers for navigating around the document as it has a ‘dual touch’ feature.

I was surprised at the number of different features that you can choose from to suit your reading style - there really are a lot of options to choose from!

The user interface was updated recently also making it easier for me to access my files on the device and there are regular updates to the operating system on a regular basis.

Updates can be made when connecting the device to the Internet and you can even browse the Internet too!

There is plenty of space to store my files, which is also very useful – 32GB is space for me to store thousands of reports and articles, it even plays and records MP3 files.

I would highly recommend the Boox Note for anybody who is studying for a course or degree programme as it has, without a doubt, increased my ability to write compelling academic reports on time.

Thank you Boox for providing a useful alternative to the iPad!

Bob Willis


Dear Bob, thank you for your support for our products. Have a nice day.