Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1

Finally, the latest firmware V2.1.1 came out! (Available for Note Pro, Nova Pro, Note, Note Plus, Max2, Max2 Pro, Poke Pro, Nova and Note S now.)
Languages include: EN, RU, DE, FR, NL, CZ, PL, IL, HU, JP.
Dear user, we recently updated the firmware to version 2.1.1, which may cause bugs during use. This update has been temporarily suspended and we are currently developing a fix for these issues. The fix will be announced on our official website and social media once it is available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
You could update to the latest firmware in following two ways:

  1. Update locally
    Download firmware update.upx from our official website. Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage. Go to Settings –Firmware Update, click the button “Check update”, and follow the instructions to update the device.
  2. Update by OTA
    You can update the firmware online via OTA (Setting\Firmware Update). Please connect WiFi and search for the update.upx.

Tell us what you like or what you dislike about the latest firmware and your valuable comments are highly appreciated.

Let us make Boox better!

Hi Claire,

The update was smooth and is really an improvement ! Thanks for that.

However I noticed that one bug iin the previous version is still giving me some problems.
The problem is that if I create a note and go to the share-symbol, slect “share all pages (PDF)” the message window “generating document” pops up and never disappears anymore. It looks like the generating takes for ever…
Still after pressing the “cancel” button I notice that the document is generated and prsent in the note directory. So all seems to be well except for the window which remains on the screen.

BTW my devise is a Nova Pro


The device (note pro) seems faster and the cropping modes in the pdf viewer seem to work better. However, there is a BIG problem:
Pinch to zoom does not work any more in PDFs. It is now very hard to navigate in newspapers. Also, wenn I zoom in using the menu and than pan the view, the page ia changed sometimes when I pan too much.
Please correct this asap as it makes reading pdfs like newspapers very hard and much less joyful than before.

Also, the custom touch does not work. After defining areas with no fiction, the reader still reacts and tries to pan the page if I rest my finger in this area. Also it wood be good if it would be possible to have the hand in the no touch zone and turn pages with the other hand at 5hr same time, but I do not know if this is technically possible

Best regards

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have tried to share the notes in our device and it works well. Could you kindly submit this bug in the feedback in your device? (Find out Feedback at Settings/ Feedback) Our relative colleague will have a better and faster diagnosis for your problem.

Dear, we have tried to pinch to zoom it and zoom out in our device with the latest firmware, and we found that it works well. Could you kindly submit this problem with photos in Feedback? (Found out this at Settings/ Feedback)
And we have tested the custom touch, when we have make some areas as empty, it will not react at all. Could you kindly check whether you have set those areas as empty? If yes, please submit this in Feedback.
As for the suggestion you provided, it is not technically possible not.

Good news!
The latest firmware 2.1.1 is available for Note, Max 2, and Max 2 Pro now. You could download firmware update.upx from here.

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Dear Claire,

Could you say why the Note Lite is still not mentioned on the website?
(I have mentioned this to you a while back)

Is the 2.1.1 firmware available for the Note Lite as well?

Please note that the latest firmware is for English user only. (For other language users, we will open the update ASAP)

Hi @claire and everybody!
I have a ton of thoughts about new firmware!
Overall is a great improvement, send my congratulations to the team.
But let’s do it step by step.
On the pdf reader if I’m not mistaken, there is no way to change the font. And you can only change the font size between 0.75 and 1.5 (Option in Format->Reflow, not very easy to find). I have some pdf where the font is too small to read (and not very good), even using 1.5 times.
About the note/sketching app, it’s great to have red and blue ink color but there are shown as black, so there is no way to distinguish. Why not use a grey? And BTW, Why not to have gray scale ink?

On the pdf reader if I’m not mistaken, there is no way to change the font. And you can only change the font size between 0.75 and 1.5 (Option in Format->Reflow, not very easy
to find). I have some pdf where the font is too small to read (and not very good), even using 1.5 times.

PDF gives most of the control to the document creator, font selection is part of that. Being able to reflow depends on the details of the document, and is actually not supported by the spec. All they are supposed to be able to do is to zoom.

This is why PDF is a bad option for e-books, and I purchased the Max specifically because it’s screen is large enough to have a chance with PDFs (some are readable in portrait mode, just about everything works in landscape mode)

Just tested the new PDF-reader. The new version is a big step forward! It’s much easier and nicer to take notes and to highlight. Keep up the good work!

I’m mostly liking the update (Note 10.3) especially the ability to take notes in Neo Reader without having to switch into and out of scribble mode.

One new issue: I can’t bookmark pages in the new Reader … the documentation implies there should be a tag icon visible at the top right of the page, as there was in the previous version. That’s not present for me now, and I can’t see any options to enable it, or any other way to bookmark a page.

I’m a little disappointed that the restriction to 20 character file names for notes hasn’t been lifted.

this is what I want !!!

NeoReader 3.0 is now easy to read Old Scaned Books like RightToLeft, 4pagesPer1image, Colored images. easy to custom Touch and becomes very quick!
Note App also becomes very quick and no antialias!!! very good!!!

JingDong shop is now gone somewhere( onlly in chinese version) and something like shop is coming. I think it is better to add OPDS app.

To add a bookmark, just tap in the top right corner where the bookmark icon used to be and it will bookmark that page and you will see it. Then, if you want to get rid of it, just tap it again and it will unbookmark the page and the icon will disappear.

I’m really loving this new firmware update. I especially like the floating navigation ball. Now I can take screenshots without having to use a third party app.

I also like that I am able to optimize an app while inside of it using the navigation ball. That way I can immediately see what effect tweaking the various optimization options will have. No more need to jump in and out of the app trying to get things just right.

And I’m really liking the improvements which have been made to the note app.

Wonderful improvements. Keep up the good work!!

One suggestion: allow users to add/remove apps from the sidebar. Although I have been able to disable the shop, it would be nicer to be able to remove it from the sidebar and replace it with an app that I would actually use.

Will there be OTA update also? My Max2 device says “Upgrade package does not exists” when I tap the “Check update” button.
All previous upgrades came just OTA and it worked well.

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Thank you Claire, I used the feedback function. Pinch and zoom really does not work on my device.

I very much like that the sidenotes are now linked to the complete book, not single pages.
I however noted two issues:

When in sidenote mode, there is no “back” button which allows you to go back to the previous page, for example after you clicked a link to annotations in the book. You have to leave sidenotes to go to the “back” button.

Exporting sidenotes: I can only export the sidenote page I am currently viewing, is that correct? There should definitely be a way to export all pages at once.

Best regards

I’ve found that now. It works, but it’s hard to hit with the stylus … I find I can only toggle a mark reliably if I cover the whole corner with my thumb.

Working or not, it’s not particularly easily discoverable, and I think it would help to reintroduce the icon, with an option to make it invisible to eliminate clutter if desired.

My custom webview-based app refresh seems fine, just like on 1.9.1, so good job on addressing that bug!

Now, however, there is another bug. When I select some text in a webview, it sometimes selects it as grey, but sometimes as dots, after which follow two refresh flashes. I’ll try to reproduce it in a common app and post it as a separate bug request. (At the moment, it seems to work best on Force A2 + manual full refresh after 100 optimization.)

Overall, I dislike the left sidebar, because “Storage” looks cramped, “Set-tings” broken over two lines looks quite unprofessional and there is no option to add my own app into it. I liked the 1.9.1 standard-Android bottom bar better.

Ebook reading experience is fine, although the dictionary lookup is still slow. My kindle keyboard looks up words far faster, yet it’s a much older device.

I haven’t tested this yet, but on previous firmware, the “Energy Saver” mode actually drained battery faster. I’d love to see an actual super-efficient battery mode.

One small bug is that in the Reader’s Global Settings, “enable scale title” option is lowercase while all the others begin with a capital.

While I can disable “Shop”, it still stays on the left side bar. I use it my Note for a very specific purpose and would like I minimize unnecessary clutter on the sidebar.

Did I mention how bad “Set-tings” looks broken over two lines? There’s a reason why both iOS and Android use horizontal bars.

Also, even though there’s lots of space on the sidebar, it’s not really usable. Adding icons there would be awesome.

Keep on keeping on. Overall, good job on the OS. It feels pretty snappy… for eInk :slight_smile:

Hi Ramon, thank you for your kind suggestions. We will forward these to our relative colleagues to follow up.